Consumes only two goods-chocolates and porcelaine lupines

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Brian consumes only two goods, Chocolates and porcelaine lupines. Let X be the number of chocolates Brian consumes and Y be the number of porcelain lupines. Brian's utility function is given by U=20X^2 Y. Suppose initially that the price of chocolates is $1 as is the price of porcelain lupines. Brian's income is $840. Now suppose the price of chocolates rises to $3. Calculate CV and EV associated with the price change

Reference no: EM131001839

What law governs the contract

What law (common law, UCC, CIGS) governs the contract? WHY?  Contract between A, a merchant and B, for sales of widgets. Contract between A, a US merchant and B, a chinese mer

Consumers expect the price of the good to rise in the future

Explain with graph what happens to aggregate demand curve, and/or aggregate supply curve for the following situations: Consumers expect the price of the good to rise in the fu

Marginal revenue and marginal cost curves for operating boat

Horsehead, Massachusetts lies on a bay inhabited by lobsters. The town council issues permits for trapping lobsters and is trying to determine how many permits to issue. Graph

Differences between market surpluses and market shortages

Identify differences between: Movements along the same Demand Curve & Shifts in the Demand Curve. Movements along the same Supply curve & Shifts in the Supply Curve. Be comfor

Elucidate causes lags in effect of monetary

Elucidate causes lags in effect of monetary and fiscal policy on aggregate demand. what are the implications of these lags for the debate over active versus passive policy.

What is the return shareholders are expecting

Ecolap Inc. (ECL) recently paid a $0.46 dividend. The dividend is expected to grow at a 14.5 percent rate. At a current stock price of $44.12, what is the return shareholders

Suppose the demand function for mineral

Suppose the demand function for a mineral (exhaustible resource) is given by pt = 700 - 0.2qt: Assuming that the marginal cost of extraction is constant and equal to $200 per

Discuss why publishers use this pricing plan

Textbook publishers have traditionally produced both United States and international editions of most leading textbooks. The United States version typically sells at a higher


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