Consumer surplus via an optimal two-part pricing strategy

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A local video store estimates its average customer’s demand per year is Q = 7 − 2P, and it knows the marginal cost of each rental is $0.5. How much should the store charge for an annual membership in order to extract the entire consumer surplus via an optimal two-part pricing strategy?

(A) $9, (B) $10, (C) $11, (D) $1

Reference no: EM13998785

Manufacturing computer chips with competitive fringe of firm

Intel is a monopolist manufacturing computer chips with a competitive fringe of firms that act as price takers of the price Intel sets. The market willingness to pay for the P

What are the major trade policies for each country

Compare and contrast the major trade policies of the United States with those of another country. Please include sources. What are the major trade policies for each country? W

Tampa tribune dominant strategy

1.  Tampa Tribune's dominant strategy is ____________ (low price, high price, it has no dominant strategy). 2. St. Petersburg Times' dominant strategy is ____________ (low pri

The tradeoffs you face with differentiation and the cost

This week, you have a car to sell. You want to purchase a new vehicle and the dealer is offering you, well, almost nothing for the car you have now. So you’re going to sell it

Different between anticipate and un anticipate inflation

What is the different between anticipate and un anticipate inflation? Describe when the government surplus a deficicit. Also draw loan able graphs to explain your answer.

Corporate governance issues-it risk management

The company's senior managers are reviewing the company's Annual Report, which will be presented at the next quarterly shareholder's meeting. The annual report includes the

What are some other ways that external pressures

After a series of public accounting violations and several lawsuits about hiring practices, ABC Corporation added an Ethics Hotline and Ethics training to its organization.

Explain how a central bank functions in order to control

Explain how a Central Bank (e.g. the US Federal Reserve Bank, or "Fed") functions in order to: a) control the monetary base ("Hint": the amount of high-powered money); and b


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