Consumer surplus and reduction in inflationary pressures

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Globalization and global trade have led to increased competition in world markets and increased efficient allocation of scarce resources.

Is it accurate to say that this is contributing to increased consumer surplus and reductions in inflationary pressures?

If yes, how (explain using economic concepts and terms how it is occurring)?

Reference no: EM13815781

Manager with the appropriate incentive to increase profits

The owners of a small manufacturing concern have hired a manager to run the company with the expectation that (s) he will buy the company after five years. The goal of the own

Does the minimum wage prevent lower rates of unemployment

You are an Economist advising the Federal Government about the Australian Labour Market and issues relating to unemployment - what types of unemployment are the most serious?

Why economic growth is good or bad for the environment

Give 3 reasons explaining the differences in growth rate. Discuss 2 ways government can promote economic growth. Give reasons why economic growth is good or bad for the enviro

Forecast has resulted in excess inventory sitting idle

An overoptimistic sales forecast has resulted in excess inventory sitting idle at a company's warehouse. As the manager of the company, your job is to troubleshoot the problem

Supply and demand curves in a market

ssume that the supply and demand curves in a market are described by the following equations. Graph the supply and demand curves in this market. Be sure to put the quantity (Q

Manufacturer would offer the different chiuce to costumer

Create a list of 2 separate manufactured brands for automobiles and list the different makes and model for those brands. Write the analisys the manufacturer would offer the di

Considering a potential investment project

Your firm is considering a potential investment project, and your finance group has prepared the following estimates: and NPV of $10 million if the economy is strong (30% prob

Find optimal price to charge if goal is to maximize revenue

Wal-Mart charges $20 for the new Ghostbusters DVD and sells 400 copies per month. Then they reduce their price to $18, and sell 500 per month. Assuming a linear demand curve,


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