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Years ago there were no such laws and consumers had to find for themselves. Discuss how you consumer protection laws have (or maybe have not) helped society and in what ways they should possibly be expanded.

Reference no: EM131297066

Laura regarding breach related to the wedding flowers

(A) What remedies are available to Laura regarding breach related to the wedding flowers? Which remedy would you advise her to pursue and why? (B) What remedies are available

Product-lemon blackberry iced tea

Overview: In this milestone, you will complete a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis will include both an internal SWOT and an external SWOT Analysis. The internal SWOT section

Descriptive report about the industry culture

In this Assignment, you will write a descriptive report about the industry culture of a group of people within the workplace as a psychologist industry culture. Please note

Strategic compensation issues in the modern workplace

What do you think are the most important strategic compensation issues in the modern workplace? Why are these particular issues a challenge in today's workplace? How have majo

Current landscape of global hrm impact hr planning

Global HRM: How does the current landscape of global HRM impact HR planning? What are the HRM implications of Hofstede's, Trompenaars', and the GLOBE models' cross-cultural

What should brigitte propose

1. What should Brigitte propose? Specifically, which projects should she fund and why? Howshould she handle the executive meeting? 2. How would you change the portfolio proc

Traditional and alternative means of marketing

Using the text and additional resources, compare and contrast traditional and alternative means of marketing. Provide 2 specific examples of traditional media channels and 2

Discuss what crafting a diversification strategy entails

This week's reading assignment focuses on diversification and the multibusiness company. Locate an appropriate article that is related to this week's reading assignment. Pro


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