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1) Representing Budgets and Preferences: How do you translate from a description to budgets/indifference curves

2) Optimal Choice: At the optimal bundle what relation does the indifference curve have to the budget line?

3) Risk and Insurance: How do we represent a risk-averse consumer’s preferences over consumption in mutually exclusive and probabilistic states of the world.

4) Demand: How does optimal choice respond to changes in prices and incomes, at the individual and market level, for difference sorts of goods?

Reference no: EM131379960

The government subsidizes the cost of schooling by an amount

Use the following FOC for schooling: f'(s) = r(f(s) + c(s)), in which s is total time in school (e.g., years of school attained), f(s) is the adult wage while working, and c(s

Insurance market may fail to exist due to asymmetric

An insurance market may fail to exist due to asymmetric information and adverse selection that results from it. Suppose that state law prevents car buyers from taking the offe

Maintenance costs included in lease payment

VML Industries has need of specialized yarn manufacturing equipment for operations over the next 3 years. The firm could buy the machinery for $95,000 and depreciate it using

List out three problems of decentralized power

List out three problems of decentralized power that existed under the articles of Confederation . For Each problem you listed, identify one solution that the Constitution pr

Dependents so she qualifies for one personal exemption

Jenna is a single taxpayer with no dependents so she qualifies for one personal exemption. During 2013, she earned wages of $122,000. She doesn't itemize deductions, so she wi

Actions impact the efficiency of the shanghai stockmarket

On July 27, 2015, the Shanghai Composite Index fell by more than 8%. To preserve asset value, the Chineese government halted trading in some companies and in short selling. Ho

Estimated the costs of a batch of fried chicken

KC, a fast-food restaurant, serves fried chicken, fried fish, and French fries. The managers have estimated the costs of a batch of fried chicken for KC's all-you-can-eat Frid

Previously passing the massachusetts bar exam

Anthony Antunicci, a Massachusetts lawyer, has tired of the long, cold New England winters. He recently spent three months in Florida where he took a Florida bar review course


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