Constructive developmental theory

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Which, in your opinion, explain(s) development best and why?

Please explain if and how you can relate constructive developmental theory to the perspective that you selected to explain development best.

Freud's psychoanalytic, Erikson's eight stage (psychosexual) and Piaget's cognitive development.

Reference no: EM1350939

Explaining gender-identity formation

Gender-schema theory is a way of explaining gender-identity formation, which is closely related to the cognitive developmental approach.

Role in the development of the field of psychology

Choose one historic figure from the following list with whom you feel played an important role in the development of the field of psychology (Freud, Pavlov, Skinner, Piaget)

George herbert meads theory of the development

Based on the games they play and George Herbert Mead's theory of the development of the self, can you tell if they are in the play or game stage? Post your observations here

Cognitive and language development

Keeping in mind that productive play is the pathway to learning for preschool-age children, what interesting materials and experiences might promote cognitive and language g

Understanding the psychological development

understand psychological development? Explain your new understanding and how this has changed from reading and thinking about these issues.

Developmental theory developed by jean piaget

Compare similarities and differences of the theories cognitive developmental theory was developed Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory of Development and Eric Er

Stages of cognitive development stated by piaget

Name and trace the development through all four stages of cognitive development stated by Piaget. Give at least one specific characteristic for each stage.

Social world contributing to cognitive development

How does the social world contribute to cognitive development? Discuss its relevance to your teaching experiences to date and/or looking forward. Reflect on the following tw


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