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ICT Industry Project Assignment - Constructing games master databases

Project Specification - The client is a management research and consulting organization that helps its clients learn about topics new to them. Learning about some topics is supported by hands-on experience obtained using workshops and simulations as tools. The client wishes to adapt that experience by establishing a series of educational games built on a foundation of software components. Individual instances of games are facilitated by a Gamemaster who will draw on different kinds of databases:

1. To start a game a team is given a challenge to be randomly selected from a library of documented challenges.

2. There will be documentation about how to start and play the game plus a database of rules

3. During the game the team will be thrown 'wild cards' that describes an event that may impact the game positively or negatively. This may be drawn randomly from a library of documented wild cards.

4. The game will be run as a series of 'adventures' based on agile project management concepts, and at the end of each adventure (or development cycle) the Gamemaster will assemble assemble a database of information about what has been decided and what has been learned as a basis for the challenge in the next adventure (development cycle) to be undertaken by the team.

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