Construct reasoned arguments about moral issues

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You are learning how to construct reasoned arguments about moral issues.


Bobby and Carmen are in love. Bobby decides that he wants to surprise Carmen by asking her to marry him at dinner. Bobby buys an outrageously expensive ring as a sign of his love and he gives the ring to Carmen when she agreed to marry him. Unfortunately, over time, their relationship began to diminish and after a while they really couldn't tolerate one another. At that point, Bobby and Carmen decided to go their separate ways. Before leaving the apartment, they both share, Bobby took the engagement ring and put it in his pocket.

Question (Answer in 5 sentences) ::
- Is this scenario a moral issue? Why?
- Assume you are Bobby's attorney, why do you think he felt he was justified in taking his ring back?
- Who do you think the engagement ring belongs to? Why?

NOTE: Your responses need to be sensible, justifiable, non-emotional, and reasonable.

Reference no: EM13519598

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