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Part -1:

Construct a mind map as a visual representation to show your understanding and analysis of your personal culture (your cultural self). You should first identify at least 4 key elements of your personal identity/culture.

Next, draw up a mind map that includes these four elements and shows how knowledge, experience and behaviour have all contributed to these elements which make up your personal culture.

It should also show how these different elements that have contributed to your culture are inter-related.

Part -2:

Task: Write an essay to critically reflect on how cultural self-awareness is an important component of cultural intelligence. You should first define the terms cultural intelligence and cultural self-awareness. Use the readings covered in the first 6 weeks, and personal examples, which draw on observations and experiences (such as one or two aspects you explored in your mind-map) to discuss how and why cultural self-awareness assists people to be more culturally intelligent. The relevant readings include: Matsumoto (2005), De Long (1997), Russell (2011), Quappe & Cantatore (2005) and Brislin, Worthley and Mcnab (2006), Of course, you may include other relevant readings to support your discussion.

Part -3:

Task: Create a 3 minute multimedia presentation that shows through images (with minimal text) and a verbal explanation the ways in which the concepts of cultural intelligence can be applied in a workplace, community or the university.

Part -4:

Task: Using an excerpt from a film or video of people interacting within a space, analyse the various aspects of the scenario including the physical location and interactions between actors to highlight your understanding of safe spaces. Demonstrate your growing cultural capabilities by writing a report that analyses safe or unsafe spaces as depicted in your chosen clip. You need to write an academic report using formal language to:

- analyse the chosen filmed scenario for safe or unsafe spaces
- demonstrate your understanding of the characteristics of culturally safe or unsafe spaces by discussing those identified in the film in relation to the research literature,
- provide recommendations/conclusions for creating or sustaining culturally safe spaces based on the scenario.

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Reference no: EM13740020

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