Considering an economy with a current trade deficit and

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1. The market where business sell goods and services to households and the government is called

2. Real gross domestic product is best defined as

3. Underemployment includes

4. .The bureau of economic analysis is responsible for which of the following

5. The Federal Reserve provides which of the following data

6. Consider if the government instituted a 10% income tax surcharge. In terms of the AS/AD model this change should have

7. The largest source of household income is in the U.S. is obtained

8. If the depreciation of a country's currency increases it aggregate expenditures by 20, the AD curve will

9. Aggregate demand management policies are designed most directly to

10. Suppose that consumer spending is expected to decrease in the near future. If output is at potential output, which of the following policies is most appropriate according to the AS/AD model

11. According to Keynes, market economies            

12.  The laissez-faire policy prescription to eliminate unemployment was to

13.  In the AS/AD model, an expansionary monetary policy has the greatest effect on the price level when it 

14.  The Federal funds rate            

15.  What tool of monetary policy will the Federal Reserve use to increase the federal funds rate from 1% to 1.25%?

16.  If the Federal Reserve increases the required reserves, financial institutions will likely lend out

17.  Suppose the money multiplier in the U.S. is 3. Suppose further that if the Federal Reserve changes the discount rate by 1 percentage point, banks change their reserves by 300. To increase the money supply by 2700 the Federal Reserve should             

18.  If the Federal Reserve reduced its reserve requiement from 6.5 percent to 5 percent. This policy would most likely 

19.  A country can have a trade deficit as long as it can           

20.  A weaker dollar  

21. In the short run, a trade deficit allows more consumption, but in the long run, a trade deficit is a problem because 

22. Considering an economy with a current trade deficit and considering only the direct effect on income, an expansionary monetary policy tends to 

23.  The balance of trade measures the             

24.  When a country runs a trade deficit, it does so by

25.  Expansionary fiscal policy tends to 

26.  In considering the net effect of expansionary fiscal policy on the trade deficit, the 

27.  If U.S. interest rates fall relative to Japanese interest rates and Japanese inflation falls relative to U.S. inflation, then the 

28.  Expansionary monetary policy tends to 

29.  The U.S. has limits on Chinese textile imports. Such limits are an example of 

30. Duties imposed by the U.S. government on imported Chinese frozen and canned shrimp are an example of

Reference no: EM13247332

When a country runs a trade deficit it does so by

Suppose that consumer spending is expected to decrease in the near future. If output is at potential output, which of the following policies is most appropriate according to t

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