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Two advertising media are being considered for promotion of a product. Radio ads cost $400 each, while newspaper ads cost $600 each. The total budget is $7200 per week. The total number of ads should be at least 15, with at least 2 of each type, and there should be no more than 19 ads in total

Reference no: EM13964007

Regarding protection or conservation of natural environment

What is Verizon doing to be more responsible regarding the protection or conservation of the natural environment? How well do they communicate this information? What are some

Makes the part instead of buying it from the supplier

X Company currently buys 6,500 units of a component part each year from a supplier for $7.70 each, but it is considering making the part instead. In order to make the part, X

What are the characteristics of transformational leader

What are the characteristics of a transformational leader. How do they transform their followers? Select someone that you believe to be a transformational leader, and illustra

Complaints of sexual harassment

The case study is about a supervisor name Gillespie who ignore derogatory remark made by an employee name Olson towards the women in the workplace. One of the women name Lowe

What are problems that can occur due to high turnover rate

A manufacturing firm has struggled recently with high staff turnover in the factory. The wage level is similar to the competitors in the local area, with staff being paid an h

Calculate the annual holding cost-economic order quantity

The corner convenience store (CCS) gets its cool drinks delivered by a wholesaler at CCS, light cola sells at a rate of 40 six-packs per day. the shop is open 250 days per yea

Specializes in voice recognition software

Voice App is a midsize software company that specializes in voice recognition software. Due to rising costs of maintaining IT technical support, your director is considering o

Sigma lower control limit for the defect rate

The Ozzie Chocolate Company manufactures specialty dark chocolate figurines. One of the products is a figurine in the shape of a cat. The manufacturing line has had some troub


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