Considerably higher boiling point and lower vapor pressure

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Water has a considerably higher boiling point and lower vapor pressure than other molecules of similar or larger molar mass. For example, dinitrogen (N2), methane (CH4), etc. all have lower boiling points and higher vapor pressures than water at the same temperature. How might this be explained? 

Reference no: EM13293537

Is civil disobedience obligation-blatant disregard for life

Many of the Jews who were killed in WWII thought that they would be rescued, did not take the threat(s) seriously enough, or simply followed the orders of the (perceived) auth

Heat-transfer coefficient-steam condensing inside coil

Tallow is stored in a vertical tank 3 m in diameter and 9-m high. The tank is insulated with a 0.05-m layer of 85% magnesia. To prevent freezing, the tallow is maintained at a

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Describe the three basic accounting statements. What types of information does each provide that can help you evaluate the situation? Which of the financial ratios are likely

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Why have market-based economies tended to outperform centrally-planned economics? Consider the examples of the United States, the former Soviet Union, China (pre-1992), and Ch

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How did the major actors (playing Ryan and Natalie) use "staging" to create their respective characters?  What did the mannerisms/movement/actions/voice add up would y

Determine energy balance

Evaluate a patient’s intake and expenditure. Determine energy balance. Evaluate factors that influence lifestyle behaviors. Provide recommendations that promote healthy lifest

Fick second law of diffusion in solids

Fick second law of diffusion in solids. Subject a piece of steel to a case hardening process in which carbon is forced by diffusion through a layer on the surface of the piece

Describe the steps and pathways of energy metabolism

Describe/ draw the steps and pathways of energy metabolism. Include dietary sources of energy, breakdown products, site of absorption, site of metabolism, carbohydrates (glyco


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