Consider the following program segment

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Q1) Use the following method printPrimes() for questions a-f below.

1. /** *****************************************************

2. * Finds and prints n prime integers

4. ********************************************************* */

5. private static void printPrimes (int n)

6. {

7. int curPrime; // Value currently considered for primeness

8. int numPrimes; // Number of primes found so far.

9. boolean isPrime; // Is curPrime prime?

10. int [] primes = new int [MAXPRIMES]; // The list of prime numbers.


12. // Initialize 2 into the list of primes.

13. primes [0] = 2;

14. numPrimes = 1;

15. curPrime = 2;

16. while (numPrimes < n)

17. {

18. curPrime++; // next number to consider ...

19. isPrime = true;

20. for (int i = 0; i <= numPrimes-1; i++)

21. { // for each previous prime.

22. if (isDivisible (primes[i], curPrime))

23. { // Found a divisor, curPrime is not prime.

24. isPrime = false;

25. break; // out of loop through primes.

26. }

27. }

28. if (isPrime)

29. { // save it!

30. primes[numPrimes] = curPrime;

31. numPrimes++;

32. }

33. } // End while


35. // Print all the primes out.

36. for (int i = 0; i <= numPrimes-1; i++)

37. {

38. System.out.println ("Prime: " + primes[i]);

39. }

40. } // end printPrimes

(a) Draw the control flow graph for the printPrimes() method.

(b) Consider test cases t1 = (n = 3) and t2 = (n = 5). Although these tour the same prime paths in printPrimes(), they do not necessarily find the same faults. Design a simple fault that t2 would be more likely to discover than t1 would.

(c) For printPrimes(), find a test case such that the corresponding test path visits the edge that connects the beginning of the while statement to the for statement without going through the body of the while loop.

(d) Enumerate the test requirements for node coverage, edge coverage, and prime path coverage for the graph for printPrimes().

(e) List test paths that achieve node coverage but not edge coverage on the graph.

(f) List test paths that achieve edge coverage but not prime path coverage on the graph.


Q2) Consider the following program segment



char string[80];

int index;

printf("Enter the string for checking its characters");

scanf("%s", string):

for(index=0; string[index] !='\0'; ++index) {

            if((string[index] >='0'&&(string[index] <='9'))

                        printf("%c is a digit", string[index]);

            else if ((string[index] >='A' && string[index] < 'Z') || (string[index] >='a' && string[index] < 'z'))

                        printf("%c is an Alphabet", string[index]);


                        printf("%c is a Special Character", string[index]);



(a)    Draw the DD graph for the program

(b)   Calculate the cyclomatic complexity of the program using all the methods.

(c)    List all the independent paths

(d)   Design test cases from independent paths.


Q3) A program has been designed to determine the nature of root of quadratic equation. The quadratic equation takes three input values from the range [0, 100]. Design the test cases using cause effect graphing technique.


Q4)      Draw a decision table for US Income Tax System;

If income is                          Tax is

$0 - 20K                      15% of total income

$20 -50K                     $3K + 25% of amount over $20K

Above $50K               $10.5K + 40% of amount over $50K


Q5)      Draw program's Flow Graph for the following code fragment and Find minimal number of test cases for the following coverage types:

a)      Statement Coverage

b)      Path Coverage

c)      Branch Coverage

d)     Basic Path Coverage

1          d = b + c;

2          if (d > 20)

3          a = 3 * a + d;

4          if (b < a) {

5              a = 1;

6              if (d < 2 * b)

7                  b = 2;

8          }


Q6) Explain the significance of boundary value analysis. What is the purpose of worst case testing?

Reference no: EM1312992

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