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Consider a monopolistic firm that can produce any quantity of its product at a constant marginal cost equal to $20,000 and a fixed cost of $10 billion. Its products could be sold in two different markets: Europe and U.S.. The demand in these markets is given by: QE = 4,000,000 - 100PE and QU = 1,000,000 - 20PU .

(a) What quantity should the firm sell in each market and what should the price be in each market? What should the total profit be?

(b) If the firm is forced to charge the same price in each market, what would be the quantity sold in each market, the equilibrium price, and the company’s prot?

Reference no: EM13818488

Identify the substitution effect of the price change

Consider three agents with the respective utility functions: uA(x,y)= xy (MRS(x,y)= y) x uB (x, y) = x + y (perfect substitutes) uC (x, y) = min{x, y} (perfect complements) As

Prepare a flexiable budget performance report

Prepare a flexiable budget performance report, assuimng that the company worked 8,500 direct labor hours during the month.

What happened during the great recession

Which of the following statements is consistent with what happened during the Great Recession? Identify whether the following statement is more likely to come from a classical

What are the levels of income every worker

Illustrate what are the levels of income every worker also consumption every worker at the initial period. Remembering that the change in the capital stock is investment les

Natural? gas-fired commercial boiler

The purchase price of a natural? gas-fired commercial boiler? (capacity X) was $175,000 eight years ago. Another boiler of the same basic? design, except with capacity 1.46?X,

Short-run production function-marginal and average product

A restaurant owner has the following short-run production function: Draw a table showing total, marginal and average product up to an input of ten workers, and plot these on a

What is the price elasticity of demand for iced coffee

Two friends who are addicted to Starbuck’s iced coffee were overheard talking. John said “No matter what the price of iced coffee is or will be, I will buy 4 cups a day.” His

Fixed exchange rate under conditions of perfect mobility

Consider a country that is operating with a fixed exchange rate under conditions of perfect mobility. Explain what effects you would expect an in increase in world interest ra


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