Conduct internet search for two different us companies

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Conduct an Internet search for two different U.S. companies and describe their distribution channel in detail. Attempt to explain why specific channel partners were selected based on attributes such as brand, reputation and strategic fit. (Need at least a 400 word answer that is very well written. Only marketing experts who have supply chain sales management need respond. Please site references.

Reference no: EM131389503

How the boston consulting product matrix is used

Imagine that you are a consultant within the industry. Prepare a 350- to 525-word implementation memo detailing how the Boston Consulting Product Matrix is used and how it

What is the role of private label brands in the market place

As part of the Marketing Mix, Place, or Channels of Distribution, is important to understand. What is the difference between Direct channels of distribution and Indirect cha

Briefly explain the target markets and value propositions

Include in your assessment a comparison of the ads and the approaches they take to addressing these needs. For each ad, briefly explain the target markets and the value prop

Determining the elements of walt disney

How has marketing management changed in the last ten years? What orientation does the organization where you work have? What elements of Walt Disney as a company orientation t

Important role in the success of online marketing campaigns

Metrics will play an important role in the success of online marketing campaigns and your project. Using the Internet, research the different metrics that are available within

What competencies were you able to develop in researching

How did you leverage feedback from your peers in the Discussion Board for Units 1-4 in completing the project? How will these competencies and knowledge support your career ad

Calculate pepsicos financial ratios

Calculate PepsiCo's financial ratios, without your having to pay a subscription (fee) for the service. Make a copy of the ratio information provided and record the source. R

Explain using technology to fit e-business goals

Explain Using technology to fit E-business goals and When conducting business and businesses must first determine how technology and e-business will help the company operate


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