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Assessment- WHS Induction and training

Part A:

In Part A you are required to conduct an audit of the Jabin Hopkins Institute of Technology (JHIT) site.

This audit requires you to collect a range of information about JHIT's organisational Workplace Health and Safety framework. You will also complete a hazard identification checklist as part of the audit process.

The following document is to be used for the audit.

Insert the following link into the search bar.,d.aGc

The following document should appear.

CCAV Occupational Health and Safety Management System Self-Assessment Checklist.

If you have any difficulties, your trainer has a copy of this document on file.

Part B:

Once the audit is complete you are required to hold a WHS meeting to discuss the findings - a group of 6.

• a nominated person is to prepare an agenda
• a nominated person is required to take minutes of the meeting and then circulate them to attendees.

Individually, you will then prepare an audit report to Manager of the college outlining the audit findings and your recommendations.

Part C:

Taking into account the audit findings in Part A , you are now required to develop an induction program (including checklist you plan to use as part of the process), for a new employee.

You are required to take the new employee (another student), through the induction process.

Once completed, you need to provide a short report on the process and any improvements you would make in the future.

Part D:

In this section you will work in a team of four (4). You are required to select an area of Workplace Health and Safety and provide training for your fellow students on this.

The training session should take a total of 30 minutes divided in the following way.

• 5 minute introduction about the training and why it is necessary
• 20 minute training session
• 5 minute question / review time


• a PowerPoint presentation is required to support your training.
• hand-outs / posters or other aids you needed for your training to be effective.

Reference no: EM13858100

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