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I need some help in finding topics to write about concerning religion. Maybe something like religion and teenagers or something about religion and school. I need a good topic and a good starting point.

Reference no: EM13156655

Summarise red bull gmbhs background and history

Summarise Red Bull GmbH’s background and history, turnover, management structure, current corporate goals and targets, and markets. Your summary should use material from the R

How course generally contributed to professional knowledge

How the course has generally contributed to your professional knowledge and behavior including your appreciation of legal, ethical and social aspects that could be important

Write an essay on the topic words history

Write an essay on the topic "Words History". Give an example of a word which gives a good idea about semantic change trends. The essay should be approximately 1,000 words in l

What function does the literature serve

In the Stephen Mitchell novel Gilgamesh and the 1985 stop motion film of "The Epic of Gilgamesh" (or "This Unnameable Little Broom"), what function does the literature serve

Write an essay about outdoor enthusiasts community

Write an essay about outdoor enthusiasts community. What does community mean to me? What types of communities do I belong to? What attributes exist in the communities that I

Develop an argument about its role

Develop an argument about its role in the broader society beyond its local community. Should outsiders to communities where ethnic markets are located be encouraged to go to

Personal development plan

How do you learn? What are the implications of the answer to this question to your university studies and what do you know now about studying at university that you did not kn

Healthcare experience for consumers in the future

Based upon the readings for this week and your experience, paint a picture of healthcare for consumers in the future. What are the key information technologies that must be su


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