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I need some help in finding topics to write about concerning religion. Maybe something like religion and teenagers or something about religion and school. I need a good topic and a good starting point.

Reference no: EM13156655

Write about a specific event in your life

which is perhaps the most natural style of writing for most people. The narrative form has much in common with fiction or creative writing, in that it relies on descriptive

What value or belief is reflected in each action

Causes and effects of your personal morality. Now that we have briefly discussed how morality might be explored and explained, and how to structure a cause and effect essay,

Describing how the writing works to build productive

Formulate a re-wording of each part of the reflective goals using language that departs the original wording as much as possible being sure not to use any italicized words.

Why globalization is good or not good for business

Write an argumentative paper of no more than 750 words that demonstrates why globalization is good or not good for a business. The paper should define the term good, and sho

Exercise normative authority for christianity

How does the NT canon possess and exercise normative authority for Christianity - What it is about the history and exergesis of the canon that raises questions about the canon

Government-operated system of administering airport security

Evaluate the pros and cons of the following: Remaining with a government-operated system of administering airport security, versus returning to privately owned and operated,

Write essay about icts-for every action there is a reaction

Write essay about ICTs-For Every Action there is a Reaction. Through your careful reading of primary and secondary sources, you will offer a thoughtful and logical explanatio

Write persuasive essay on tv is bad

Choose a topic and try to convince reader to accept proposition about that topic. You actually require to try to win over your reader in some way.


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