Concepts of reliability-validity-utility and legality

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Explain what makes a selection method effective and discuss the concepts of reliability, validity, utility, and legality in your response. (150 words) 

Reference no: EM13175914

Define culture and explain its material components

In essay format, define culture and explain its material and nonmaterial components. In addition, talk about the fifteen U.S. core values as outlined by Robin Williams and h

Explain what is the role of the sacred texts in hinduism

What is the role of the sacred texts in Hinduism? Define these concepts in Hinduism: maya, karma, moksha, samsara, and atman. What are the primal questions that inform these t

Behaviors good for your body or bad for your body

How are behaviors good for your body or "bad" for your body? What influences these behaviors? When? Can new behaviors replace the old ones? What processes are involved?

Individual and the community role in supporting

Imagine a scenario where you are the last surviving member of the human species and you find yourself on another planet. The people of the planet do not have performing or v

Famous statement regarding slavery

Abraham Lincoln’s famous statement regarding slavery, “As I would not to be a slave, so I shall not be a master,” indicated that his core ethical principles were based on:

Coal or natural gas as the principal energy source

Many people believe that the United States should continue to use coal or natural gas as the principal energy source for electricity generation. Coal and natural gas are bette

Type of communication

I do believe that interpersonal communication should be a required class in every public high school. This type of communication would benefit students not only throughout the

Comparison of quality philosophies

Research the philosophies of the leading thinkers behind today’s quality movements and fill in the matrix blanks with your understanding of each person’s philosophy dimension.


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