Compute the sum of the combination of factored loads

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1. Load combination

Load factors as defined in ACI 318-11 are used to compute the factored loads U. The type of loads D, L,S,W,R...Can be either load or load effects (eg. Moments, shear , torsion, axial force etc which are obtained by structural analysis or theory in mechanics of materials).

A cantilever beam shown in the figure below supports a uniform service (unfactored) dead load of 1 kip/ft plus its own dead load and a concentrated service (unfactored) live load of 12 kips, as shown. The concrete is normal-weight concrete with compressive strength = 4000 psi and the steel is Grade 60.

a) Compute the sum of the combination of factored loads U based on ACI code section

1778_factored loads.png

Reference no: EM13860093

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