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Exercise -1 Straightforward Problem on Absorption versus Variable Costing

2(a).Net income:$200,000
3. Cost of goods sold under absorption costing: $1,500,000

Question :

Skinny Dippers, Inc. produces nonfat frozen yogurt. The product is sold in five-gallon containers, which have the following price and variable costs.

Sales price ..................... $15
Direct material .....................5
Direct labor .....................2
Variable overhead .....................3

Budgeted fixed overhead in 20x1, the company's first year of operations, was $300,000. Planned and actual production was 150,000 five-gallon containers, of which 125,000 were sold. Skinny Dippers, Inc. incurred the following selling and administrative expenses.

Fixed ..................... ..................... $50000 for the year
Variable ..................... ..................... $1 per container sold

Required :

1. Compute the product cost per container of frozen yogurt under ( a ) variable costing and ( b ) absorption costing.

2. Prepare income statements for 20x1 using ( a ) absorption costing and ( b ) variable costing.

3.Reconcile the income reported under the two methods by listing the two key places where the income statements differ.

4. Reconcile the income reported under the two methods using the shortcut method.

Exercise -2 Physical-Units Method; Joint cost Allocation


Breakfasttime Cereal Company manufactures two breakfast cereals in a joint process. Cost and quantity information is as follows:

Joint Cost Cereal Quantity at Split -off point Sales Price per Kilogram
$30,000 Yummies .................. 12,000 kilograms $2.00

Crummies .................. 8,000kilograms 2.5

Required :

Use the physical-units method to allocate the company's joint production cost between

Yummies and Crummies.

Exercise-3 Net - Realizable -Value Method ;Joint Cost Allocation


Refer to the data given in Exercise 17-20 . Breakfasttime Cereal Company has an opportunity to process its Crummies further into a mulch for ornamental shrubs. The additional processing operation costs $.50 per kilogram, and the mulch will sell for $3.50 per kilogram.


1) Should Breakfasttime's management decide to process Crummies into the mulch? Why?

2) Suppose the company does process Crummies into the mulch. Use the net-realizable-value method to allocate the joint production cost between the mulch and the Yummies.

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In this we have calculated the cost under variable and absorption costing method and reconciled the differences between both the method. Further we have given the reason for difference between variable and absorption costing method. In next sheet we have done the allocation of joint cost at split off point amount two products.

Reference no: EM131367242

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