Compute the price elasticity of demand for cars

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Between 2011 and 2012, the quantity of cars produced and sold decreased by 20%. During the same period, the price of cars increased by 5% and the cost of gasoline increased by 20%. We know that the cross elasticity of demand of gasoline is -0.3. Compute the price elasticity of demand for cars during this period.

Reference no: EM13853348

What is the banks current average cost of dollar in loans

Suppose you are the CFO of a bank. Customers' deposits, on which you pay an interest rate of 5%, account for 90% of you loanable funds, and the rest 10% of the funds come from

What is the marginal cost of a flight

Suppose an airline is losing money because they cannot fill enough seats in their flights with passengers. The airline would offer a flight only if at least 70% of the seats c

Required reserves and excess reserves

Suppose that Best National Bank currently has $50,000 in demand deposits and $32,500 in outstanding loans. The Federal Reserve has set the reserve requirement at 10%. Required

Tightening of consumer credited effected individual spending

How has the tightening of consumer credited effected individual spending and in turn the U.S. economy? Has this strategy by the financial institutions helped our economic reco

Consider the goods and services

Consider the following goods and services. Which are the most likely to be produced in a perfectly competitive industry? Which are not? Explain why you made the choices you di

Calculate the net present value to the society

Suppose El Centro California decides to tackle the problem of nitrates in the water. Nitrates are compounds derived from synthetic fertilizers that are not assimilated by plan

What is the slope of the above budget constraint

Sidney makes $200 per week. She buys only two items: pizza and beer. The price of a pizza is $5 and the price of each beer is $2. What is the y-axis intercept for the above bu

Find his optimal bundle of coffee and donuts

Billie Joe loves Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee. Billie Joe likes to eat 3 donuts (D) for each cup of coffee (C) he drinks. His utility function is: U = min(0.333D, C). The pr


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