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1. Refrigerant  134a  enters  the  compressor  of  an  ideal vapor-compression  refrigeration  cycle  as  saturated  vapor  at 2108F. The condenser pressure is 160 lbf/in.2 The mass flow rate of refrigerant is 6 lb/min. Plot the coefficient of performance and the refrigerating capacity, in tons, versus the condenser exit temperature ranging from the saturation temperature at 160 lbf/in.2  to 908F.

2. To  determine  the  effect  of  changing  the  evaporator temperature   on   the   performance   of   an   ideal   vapor- compression   refrigeration   cycle,  plot   the   coefficient   of performance  and  the  refrigerating  capacity, in  tons, for  the cycle  in  Problem  10.11  for  saturated  vapor  entering  the compressor at temperatures ranging from 240 to 2108C. All other conditions are the same as in Problem 1.

Reference no: EM13949843

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