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On January 1, 2014, Richards Inc. had cash and common stock of $62,150. At that date, the company had no other asset, liability, or equity balances. On January 2, 2014, it purchased for cash $20,810 of equity securities that it classified as available-for-sale. It received cash dividends of $4,700 during the year on these securities. In addition, it has an unrealized holding gain on these securities of $6,260 net of tax. Determine the following amounts for 2014: (a) net income; (b) comprehensive income; (c) other comprehensive income; and (d) accumulated other comprehensive income (end of 2014).

Reference no: EM13747311

Modern information system must assist levels of management

In your own words, explain structure as it relates to decisions. “To be of any value, a modern information system must assist all levels of management.” Discuss.

How is materiality defined in the conceptual framework

How is "materiality" defined in conceptual framework? How is present value determined when established exchange price is not determinable and a note has no ready market? What

Calculate the following values for the income statement

As the source data (i.e. selling price, variable cost per unit, fixed costs and units sold) will change on a monthly basis, you should use formulas to automatically calculat

What is bank of america corporation percentage

What is Bank of America Corporation's percentage of the accounts receivable balance to total assets for the last two years? If the ratio percentage has changed what accounts

Why does the gaap not allow a company to use the percentage

Why does the GAAP not allow a company to use the percentage of sales and the percentage of receivables methods at the same time?

What are the critical deficiencies

­Do you think the recommendations put forth in the Exposure Draft are likely to be successful or not? If successful, what are the most significant attributes? If not succ

What are break-even sales in units-contribution margin ratio

If sales are $1,000,000, variable costs are $400,000, and fixed costs are $240,000, what is the contribution margin ratio? If the unit selling price is $16, the unit variable

Interest was received by the straight-line method

On April 1, 2014, West Company purchased $450,000 of 6.00% bonds for $467,750 plus accrued interest as an available for sale security. Interest is paid on July 1 and January 1


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