Comprehensive health assessment of a geriatric patient

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Describe the elements of a comprehensive health assessment of a geriatric patient. What special considerations should the nurse keep in mind while performing this assessment?

Reference no: EM13315687

Discuss the new product development process

Describe your new product. You have many choices. It could be a classically innovative product, newcategory entry, an addition to the product line or line extension. It coul

Does publishing record make you a better college teacher

Some universities reward the prolific research professors with fewer classes; some do not have to teach every semester. What do you think about this practice?

Did you feel that the salesman had ulterior motives

In the Buying a Car scenario, did you feel that the salesman had ulterior motives? Did they lead him to have any biases in terms of he wanted you to purchase? Point out some

World major population clusters

Where are the world's major population clusters? What areas have sparse populations? Please answer this question in a short paragraph. Refer to the world's realms when you d

Social media-focus on engagement versus selling

With how ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ plus ‘retweets’ are becoming more and more important in getting the word out, the big search engines have started to realize that those public an

How might the DHS change its function

How might the DHS look and function if civil rights and civil liberties were not valued -  What functions does the Office of the Secretary, Office for Civil Rights and Civil L

Cwu and the consumer survey analysis

You are now the person at CWU who receives these results and are asked by your boss to write a SHORT summary of what the findings mean. Do not just restate the data, interp

Defining privilege and minority groups

How can we define privilege? Does it seem that all groups in the U.S. begin on an equal footing? In other words, does white privilege and male privilege exist?


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