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Assignment: Communicating with Stakeholders and Other Constituents

In this LASA, you will consider how best to present research findings and recommendations to a specific set of stakeholders or constituents in one of the five components of the criminal justice system:

Law enforcement
Juvenile justice
Homeland security

After you have selected one of the five components of the criminal justice system locate a research study using one of the following databases:

American Academy of Forensic Sciences
International Association for Identification
Law Enforcement National Data Exchange
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
National Institute of Justice

Based on the assessment you made in Module 4, communicating research findings to specific audiences, prepare an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation as follows:

Analyze the key facts in your research and examine the key issues that were researched.

Prepare a summary of the research findings from the research study, interpret the results, and render a conclusion that should be presented to the stakeholders/constituents associated with the research.

Support your recommendations with authoritative sources and cite all references in APA style.

Include a cover slide and at least one slide at the end of your presentation to reference your sources, formatted in APA style, that link back to your in-text citations and support your recommendations. See your Argosy Handbook or APA materials to properly cite your text.

Use the notes function to develop a comprehensive script that could be used to present your PowerPoint presentation to a live audience. In this script be sure to include a detailed commentary to support each slide.

Reference no: EM13785369

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