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Part A:

Media technologies have evolved throughout history to include a complex array of outlets for sports coverage. What is the best formula for sports organizations hoping to effectively reach their varied audiences using ever changing media technologies? Provide examples of sports organizations advantageously navigating the landscape of media options.

Part B:

When sports organizations want to finance a new stadium or arena, what specific options do they have for generating the necessary financing? Describe the range of public to private funding sources. Provide examples of how sports organizations have used the various methods to fund new venues.

Please Seperate Part C and its references from part A&B.

Each year, Forbes publishes lists with the valuations for sports franchises and reviews of the businesses of the main professional sports leagues in North America. For this assignment, complete a review of the determinants of franchise valuation. In a narrative format, using the most current Forbes report and three scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook, write a paper that includes:

1. Analysis of the economic determinants of professional sports franchise value.

2. Evaluation of the franchise valuation of one sports franchise of your choice. In the valuation include factors such as, championships, price paid, revenue, operating income, debt/value, player expenses, gate receipts, wins-to-player cost ratio, revenue per fan, and metro area population. 

The paper must be four to five double-spaced pages (not including a title page and reference page) and written in APA format

Reference no: EM13799848

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