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Risk Determination & Decision Tree Analysis

1. Review Module-5 Lecture Notes and Chapter Readings

2. Use the Risk Determination Excel Workbook and complete the following worksheets:
a. Corporate Assets Risk Summary - Tab
i. Use the Reference Tab in the workbook to select the appropriate values from the respective tables and complete Columns C, D, E, F, & G (Hint: use the Threat Vulnerability Reference Table; return the numerical value for the corresponding probability and impact).

Threat Vulnerability Work Table



















ii. Column H (Risk Score) is a calculated field already formatted
iii. Column I (Possible Safeguards) provide the safeguards you would put in place to mitigate the threat (e.g., controls, policies, etc.); provide sufficient level of detail
iv. Column J (Cost Estimates) provide cost estimates/ranges for the safeguards you would put in place to mitigate the threat; provide sufficient level of detail in the Comments Section Column K.
v. Provide thorough summary analysis of each section
b. Occupation Analysis - Tab
i. Use the Risk Level Table provided on worksheet (Cells B25-C31) to assign the appropriate value for each occupation and the corresponding threats outlined in Columns C,D,E,& F
ii. Column G (Total) is a calculated filed already formatted
iii. Complete the occupational analysis; answer the four questions after completing your occupational vulnerability assessment; provide sufficient level of detail in your responses.
c. Decision Tree Analysis - Tab
i. Examine the Decision Tree Analysis for enterprise CRM solution approach
ii. Complete the corresponding tables for both paths and individual branches referencing the values in the decision tree diagram.
iii. Some of the data is already populated
iv. Total fields, Branch Total fields, and Value Fields are calculated fields and are already formatted
v. Answer the question regarding which options provides the best overall value
vi. Explain your reasoning for the choice you made, response should be based on your analysis of the decision tree results.
vii. Hint: Only one of the value fields should have a negative value when finished

3. Complete the Risk Determination Worksheets (M.S. Excel Document not PDF).

Attachment:- Risk Determination Worksheet.rar

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    Please read guidelines in the attached document and proceed accordingly. upload the file using the designated link on Moodle on or before the assignment due date. Review Module-5 Lecture Notes and Chapter Readings

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