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Assessment - Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

Assessment Purpose - The primary purpose of this assessment is to enhance students' research, analysis and referencing skills.

The secondary purpose is to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their critical thinking and written communication skills.

The third purpose is to demonstrate that you have commenced appropriate research for Assessment 3.

Before starting this assessment, please read the assessment rubric at the end of this document. You should always check the unit website for specific instructions, which may be updated continuously.

Assessment Task You are required to compile an Annotated bibliography of 5 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Step 1. Select an industry sector.
Read the Assessment 3 Essay task and identify which sector you will study for Assessments 2 and 3 (e.g. agriculture; construction; financial services; health care; hospitality; manufacturing; mining; retail; transport).

Step 2. Undertake research of the recent academic literature since 2010. Identify five (5) academic peer reviewed journal articles relevant to the Assessment 3 Essay topic. It is suggested that you align your selected articles with the unit themes from Weeks 3 to 5 (e.g. job design, HR planning, recruitment and selection). It is recommended that you undertake your research via the online ‘search' of CQUniversity Library. You cannot use articles from your Assessment 1 presentation for Assessment 2.

Step 3. Write 2 paragraphs on each article (400 words)
For each journal article, you are to write approximately 400 words in two paragraphs. The first paragraph will summarise the main ideas of the article, identifying the hypothesis, purpose, research methodology and conclusions. The second paragraph will identify how you will use that article in relation to the Assessment 3 Essay.

Step 4. Use an appropriate format
Present your Annotated bibliography in a format similar to that provided below. For more information, see the library guide for writing an annotated bibliography.

Sample format Introduction (100 words)
Identify which sector you have chosen, and briefly outline the topics you have selected for this annotated bibliography

Article 1 (400 words)
Reference. [Insert the full reference here, in APA style]
Key words: [insert the key words from the article]

Para 1. Summarise the main ideas of the article, identifying the hypothesis, purpose, research methodology and conclusions.
This article examines [explain ...]. The purpose/research question of the article is [explain...]. The research methodology is [explain ...] The article finds/concludes [summarise]

Para 2 Critique the article, and tell us how it is useful in your study.
While this study applies to the public sector, its findings are useful in my study of xyz sector because [explain ...]. I will use these findings to analyse my sector [explain how ...].

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