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SadieSadie Manufacturing makes fashion products and competes on the basis of quality and leading-edge designs. The company has $1,500,000 invested in assets in its clothing manufacturing division. After-tax operating income from sales of clothing this year is $450,000. The cosmetics division has 6,200,000 invested in assets and an after-tax operating income this year of $$1,550,000. Income for the clothing division has grown steadily over the past few years. The weighted-average cost of capital for SadieSadie is 10%. The CEO of SadieSadie has told the manager of each division that the division that "performs best" this year will get a bonus

1. Calculate the ROI and residual income for each division of SadieSadie Manufacturing, and briefly explain which manager will get the bonus. What are the advantages and disadvantages of eachmeasure?

2. The CEO of SadieSadie Manufacturing has recently heard of another measure similar to residual income called EVA. The CEO has the accountant calculate EVA adjusted incomes of clothing and cosmetics, and finds that the adjusted after-tax operating incomes are $ 255,300 and $710,400, respectively. Also, the clothing division has $390,000 of current liabilities, while the cosmetics division has only $280,000 of current liabilities. Using the preceding information, calculate EVA, and discuss which division manager will get the bonus.

3. What nonfinancial measures could SadieSadie use to evaluate divisional performances?

Reference no: EM131203582

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