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You are the compensation manager for Middle Financial Services. The organization buys, repackages, and sells financial instruments. The organization's five major units are sales and marketing, new products development, legal services and compliance, IT services, and management.

You need to develop a job evaluation plan for the organization. Describe the difference between person-based plans and job-based plans. Explain which one you would use. What factors would you consider? What is one advantage and disadvantage of each?

Reference no: EM131192804

Supervisor pressures you for favorable recommendation

You are responsible for recommending contracts to the city council . Your immediate supervisor has asked you to prepare a recommendation for a large contract for an individual

Student is planning to perform bending operation

A student is planning to perform a bending operation as shown in the schematic below. The upper and bottom die will close to bend the sheet metal. Prior to the operation, the

Skills inventory-discussion participation scoring guide

Skills Inventory: Leadership Instrument Resources Website icon Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. This is the first of several discussions in which you will conduct asses

Determine whether technology has assisted

Propose two ways that a company can gain a competitive advantage over other companies when striving to recruit job applicants. Determine whether technology has assisted or h

Elements in a comprehensive mission statement

Provide at least 5 reasons why it is important to include guideline elements in a comprehensive mission statement. The companys self-concept (Strengths and weaknesses) Its bas

Assignment is to investigate smartphone and social media

The purpose of this assignment is to investigate smartphone and social media use in healthcare and to apply professional, ethical, and legal principles to the appropriate use

What are the common characteristics of all companies

What are the common characteristics of all companies? Can a manager have operation responsibilities? explain. What are three characteristics that a manager must have to be s

Explain the importance of cnops

Using the following incident explain the importance of CNOPS and annexes in relation to capacity, response, recovery and resiliency. If you want, you can expand by adding to


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