Compare those circumstances faced by native americans
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We are a country of Immigrants. In the early 1600s Europeans began arriving in what we now call North America. In most cases, Native Americans accepted the new colonists (immigrants), at times even assisting them.

Write a 2 page, APA style paper, where you compare and contrast those circumstances faced by the early Native Americans and Colonist immigrants with the circumstances surrounding United States' citizens and the illegal immigration of Mexicans. In your paper also answer the question, "What can we learn from the lessons of the Native Americans and Colonist immigrants?"

Include a title page and 3-5 references. Only one of your references may be found online (not Wikipedia). The other references must be found in the Grantham University online library.


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As per the report of Hoovers.org (2003) Americans can be called an country of immigrants, more than 88000 thousand people are coming to American as immigrants. In the early 1600s Europeans began arriving in what we now call North America. In most cases, Native Americans accepted the new colonists (immigrants), at times even assisting them. Most of the Native Americans and colonists immigrants faced lot of challenges. Now we can analyze various accepts related with the immigration policy of America in an detailed way.

Federation for American Immigration Reform an organization formed for reducing the rate of immigrants to the country. The authorities faced the problem of immigration and integration, in which they understand that colonists will create problem for the country. During the time of American revolution the colonists tried to create a new world of America. In the earlier stages the Native Americans welcomed the Europeans and colonists but most of the people faced the problem of language barriers (Kulikoff 2014, p. 207-212.).

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