Compare the requirements from the state licensure laws

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Engineering Licensure

Learning Exercise:

This exercise is to familiarize you with the licensure process in Texas, the Texas Engineering Practices Act, and to perform critical thinking with regards to Texas Licensing and other states. The course website contains several licensure resources, including but not limited to:

  • Get Licensed, Get Ahead (NSPE)
  • Why Get Licensed? (NSPE)
  • How to Get Licensed (NSPE)
  • Licensure Resources (NSPE)
  • Engineering Licensure (NCEES)
  • Texas Engineering Practice Act (TBPE)
  • Getting Licensed (Lawson)
  • Engineering Licensure (Cleveland)

Specific requirements of the assignment are:

1) Download a copy of the current Texas Engineering Practices Act (included above). Locate in the act the definition of engineering and educational requirements for licensing. Select any other state (or commonwealth nation) and find their engineering practices act. Locate in the other act the definition of engineering and educational requirements for licensing. Write a short essay (few paragraphs) where you compare and contrast the two definitions and requriements. Are they identical, slightly different, etc.?

2) Compare the requirements from the State licensure laws (from Part 1) to the requirements identified in the NSPE "Get Licensed, Get Ahead" video.

3) Assume you have a Texas PE license, but you wish to practice in a different state (of your choosing). Explain what you would have to do to legally practice in the other state. That is, read the requirements in the other state for legal practice, and briefly summarize.

4) Explain the meanings of "Comity" and "Reciprocity" in the context of engineering licensure.

Reference no: EM132233641

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