Compare the freedom tower to two of rem koolhaas projects

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Architecture - Essay 8 pages

I need an 8 page essay for architecture history and theory


Living in a confined and defined structures that has surveillance as one of its' assists, I believe that through clever programming of interior spaces and good architectural design there could be a way of resisting the role of architecture in reproducing social roles and structures, enabling certain freedoms. In this essay I will compare the freedom tower (one world trade center) to two of Rem Koolhaas projects, showing program and design differences that determines the levels of freedom they provide to visitors.

Here's a semi outline:


-Intro to postscripts of society of control(deleuze)



-Post 9/11 architecture (ny times)

-The freedom tower

-General critic of its paranoia (can be found in the ny times article)

-Personal experience: taking a tour to the top, as I remember it was:

Like going through airport checks - Heavy surveillance - Limited access -Limited views-

Design was overshadowed and overwhelmed by limitations and surveillance.

Rem Koolhaas approach:(Architecture and Freedom?)

-Space analysis
-The two examples from the article
-In comparison to the freedom tower



Sources (you could add sources if you see it fitting):

Archdaily for general architecture info

Deleuze, G. "Postscript on the Societies of Control." In October Vol. 59, (Winter 1992): 3-7.

Reviewed Work(s): Building Power: Architecture and Surveillance in Victorian America byAnna Vemer Andrzejewski. Review by: David Lyon

Architecture and Freedom? Programmatic Innovation in the Work of Koolhaas/OMA

Author(s): Kim Dovey and Scott Dickson.

Reference no: EM131295919

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