Compare the characteristics of those who are bullies

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Watch the following video Bullying: What Every Adult Needs to Know

Be sure to take notes as you watch as you will apply what you learn to the following questions:

At times we have heard bullies say that they did not intend to cause any problems with their peers and that they were merely having fun.

They may indicate that the child who says they are the victim of bullying is overreacting. How should schools or other adults respond to this statement?

Compare the characteristics of those who are bullies to the victims of bullying. Describe a scenario that could result in a bullying incident when children with these characteristics come into contact with each other.

How can teachers and parents be involved in monitoring bullying behavior and what actions should they take if they suspect a child has become the victim of bullying?

Describe an intervention program that you would develop to address the behavior of children who are bullies and explain your rationale.

Discuss how issues of gender and diversity might be reflected in bullying incidents of bullying.

Your response should be 3-5 pages long and include a cover page and reference list.

Reference no: EM131428153

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