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Question 1.Compare spanish america and british america. discuss reasons for settlement, attitudes toward native american, forms of labor, major economies, the role of religion, and the systems of government. How was freedom defined inthe spanish colonies? How was it defined in the british colonies?what liberties were extended and to whom? Did this justify europeans to clain possiession of lands that belonged to someone else?

question 2. many degrees of freedom co-existed in 17 th century north america. Discuss the various definitions of freedom. Be sure to include enslaved persons, indentured servants, women Native Americans, property owners, and puritans. Explain any similarities and differences among these different vesions of freedom.

question 3. How did the colonists justify their protests and ultimate rebellion? What sources did they call upon? What philosophies ere influential? How was the language of freedome and liberty used?

Reference no: EM13741379

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