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Please answer the following questions: each answer should be in one page and in a separate file , with references.

1- Many changes such as merger and acquisitions never achieve the intended benefits to the stackeholders and employees: What could obstruct the adoption or completion of a change in a
multinational firm?

2- Compare the management of change in the public sector versus the private sector. W/hich would be your recommendations for a process of change in the public sector of Canadian federal government? And for provincial government?

3- Have a listen to the following audio program by Terry O'Reilly. He has a program on CBC radio called "Under The Influence" This episode is called "Achilles Heel Advertising: Repositioning the Competition"

Audio only link:
Link to Audio, Transcript, Illustrations and some video examples:

In this episode he explores cases when a smaller brand or product positions itself against a much bigger brand/product in part by attacking the weak spot in a bigger brand's marketing position. It's a strategy of brinksmanship, because it means a smaller company not only chooses to attack a larger company, but it attacks the weakness in a bigger company's strength. It takes surgical precision, but when done well, the smaller advertiser gains market share, while diminishing the bigger company's reputation at the same timeHe also talks about how brands can turn their weaknesses into strengths.

He also talks about how brands can turn their weaknesses into strengths.

Once you've listened to it (it runs 27 minutes), comment on what this episode teaches you and suggest how another brand or product (that you choose) could potentially re-position itself against a major competitor - and how it could change consumers' perspective of the competitor's brand/product.

Here's a short list of products you can choose write about - or you can pick a brand or product that is not in the list. (Only pick one)

• Home Hardware stores versus Home Depot
• Hudson's Bay stores versus Wal-Mart
• Fruit Loops versus Cheerios
• Newspapers versus News on the internet
• Baseball versus Basketball
• Kia versus Honda
• Radio versus Music on a personal device (Phone, iPod...)
• Apples (the fruit) versus Oranges.
• Vinyl records versus Digital Downloads
• Tea versus coffee

If you want to hear and read more about Terry O'Reily's "Under The Influence" show several more recent episodes are available to listen to on-line, and most past episodes are well covered on the show's website:

Terry O'Reilly also has a book::

THE AGE OF PERSUASION: HOW MARKETING ATE OUR CULTURE by Terry O'Reilly & Mike Tennant (2010), Vintage Canada
....and another one coming in February 2017:


Both can be ordered at or . The Age of Persuasion is also at the iBooks store.

Reference no: EM131298559

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