Compare formal and informal methods of hazard analysis

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Assignment - "Identifying Hazards," Part 1

1. What are some examples of hazards we cannot see?

2. What is the basis for a safety professional's practice?

3. Name 4 informal methods to identify hazards.

4. Compare and contrast formal and informal methods of hazard analysis

5. Compare and contrast inductive and deductive methods of hazard analysis

6. What is the essential problem in safety?

7. What are the three ways to rank hazards by risk? Define each.

8. In addition to severity, probability and exposure, what other factors must you take into account when making recommendations to management about hazard controls?

9. What are the 4 decisions management could make in regard to a hazard

10. What are the 3 reasons management might decide to take no action?

11. List and give examples of the three levels of controls for hazards

12. For the three levels of control you listed above, what are the pro's and con's of each?

13. What is the underlying force in system safety? (See your powerpoint)

14. Define the following system safety terms:
A. System
B. Safety
C. Management
D. System safety
E. Risk
F. Mishap

15. From what you have learned so far, why might we want to use the all/multiple cause model rather than Heinrich's Dominoes? (This is a tough one. Read your book carefully and think about this)

16. What is "hazard analysis" and what are 4 uses for hazard analysis?

17. What is job safety (or hazard) analysis (JSA), and what are the principal benefits of a JSA?

18. What factors should be considered in selecting a job to be analyzed? (from your book and video)

19. What are the 4 basic steps in doing a JSA? (Hint, the first step is select the job)

20. List 4 questions should you ask about each task step of the JSA in order to determine the risks?

21. What are the principal solutions to developing safe job procedures in the JSA?

22. Name 4 benefits of doing or using JSA's effectively.

23. List and describe (Use your book and powerpoint)

A. The 2 types of inspections
B. The 3 types of interval inspections

24. What is a hazard control inspection inventory? (See your book and powerpoint)

25. List and describe the 3 types of inspection reports.

26. When hazards are identified in an inspection, there must be follow-up for correctiveaction. In making recommendations for corrective action, what 4 rules should guide the inspectors?

27. Occupational health surveillance (industrial hygienists and health professionals do this touncover hazards related to disease) monitors what 4 types of hazards? (See your powerpoint)

28. List and describe the 4 monitoring systems used to monitor the occupational healthhazards listed above.

29. What is "toxicity"?

30. Compare and contrast "acute" and "chronic" effects of exposure to hazards.

31. TLV's are not legal standards.What does TLV stand for?

32. TLV's are recommended standards put forth by what organization?

33. PEL's are legal standards.What does PEL stand for?

34. PEL's come from what organization?

35. List and describe the 3 types of TLV's.

36. What does the word "skin" mean on the TLV list of chemicals?

37. What does "action level" (AL) mean for a chemical in the workplace?

Assignment, Part 2

Choose a job to observe and about which to make an analysis. Some examples of jobs to observe include: someone lifting pallets with a fork truck, anyone performing work at a construction site, someone working on the highway, someone unloading a truck in shipping and receiving, any job which involves some sort of manual work. Ask permission of the worker and/or his Supervisor to make your observations if you are in the vicinity. Identify the steps, etc. The job you choose must be discrete, that is, it must be a task that you can observe from start to finish, not just a man working throughout a time period.

1. Fill out the JSA form provided in Excel according to instructions in your text and video.

2. Exercises will be graded on conformance with assignment including completeness of steps in the job, comprehensiveness in identifying potential hazards and relevance of suggestions for recommended actions. In all, the JSA must seem to be practical and relevant to the worker performing the task. You may or may not want to share your preliminary observations with the person being observed.

3. You are to turn in your JSA to complete your assignment.

Attachment:- JSA.rar

Reference no: EM13993319

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