Compare and contrast oblique reflected light microscopy

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compare and contrast oblique reflected light microscopy with oblique transmitted light microscopy by describing how one bacterial species looks using both techniques. Strengths and weakness of each?

Reference no: EM13145292

How many genes are involved in determining flower colors

In some plants, a red pigment, cyanidin, is synthesized from a colorless precursor. The addition of a hydroxyl group (-OH) to the canidin molecule causes it to become purple

Calculate the net atp yield

Calculate the net ATP yield (ATP equivalents) for the combined complete oxidation of 1 molecule of serine and 1 molecule of alanine to CO2 in the liver, taking into consider

What fraction of the progeny would have albino fur

Coat color in mice is determined by two independently assorting but interacting genes. The dominant allele at the Black locus (B) results in a black pigment being deposited

What is meant by wild type

Explain in your own words what is meant by wild type. Include frequency in your explanation and use human blood type genotypes to demonstrate your knowledge of this material

What might be the cause of this problem

A student, feeling it is immoral to eat plants or animals, decides to eat only artificial food. He places himself on a diet consisting of only D-Amino Acids and L-sugars.

How many lipid molecules there for every protein molecule

in the membrane of a human red blood cell, the ratio of the mass of proteins (average molecular weight: 50,000) to phospholipid (average molecular weight:800) to cholesterol

What will the allele frequencies be in the next generation

Assume that this population is undergoing mutational pressure. The rate of mutation is 1.0 x 10-4 for changing A to a and 1.0 x 10-5 for changing a to A. What is the allele

Is the action of the enzyme illustrated in the video

Considering the fact that the pill form of the enzyme would have to travel through the person's stomach, what special consideration would the producer of this product need t


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