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Sandwich maker Subway opened its first overseas store in 1984, in the Middle East. Today, it has nearly 43,000 stores in 108 countries. Discuss some of the challenges Subway might face in conducting marketing research in potential new international markets. What types of research would you recommend the company use in choosing new countries for expansion? Explain and support your responses, and proofread your comments prior to posting.

Reference no: EM132185107

What is total cost of inventory-holding and backorder cost

Aggregate production in the next four quarters is set to be 300 units in each quarter. Demand is 300, 250, 400, and 250 units respectively in each of the next four quarters. B

Corporations face with regards to social media

Visit two or more social media sites and review information that people post about themselves and information friends post about them. What types of information is available?

Involving the business use of information systems

You have just been hired to work in a brand new cupcake bakery in Adelphi, Maryland. Profits from this bakery go to the UMUC scholarship fund. You know the value of informatio

Sells single-cup home-brew coffee makers

Lindenwood Coffee Company manufactures and sells single-cup home-brew coffee makers. Lindenwood also produces and sells single serve coffee pods for use in the single-cup home

Describing the purpose and goals of the retreat

Write a memo to these managers describing the purpose and goals of the retreat. You should also supply details about accommodations, transportation, activities, and appropriat

Supervisors do not fully know their subordinates jobs

What happens when HR and management are not in agreement on what to do with an overall strategy? How should HR work through these situations? Why is it that supervisors do not

Discuss the internal company dynamics associated

Identify a company who is either adding to their product line, reducing their company size or changes in their executive management and discuss the internal company dynamics a

You have messages to send and while you consider

You have messages to send and while you consider how best to accomplish this Lou walks by as he returns from his regular break. It has been about a month since Noreen starte


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