Company salamander energyuse a variety of sources of

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Company salamander energy

  • Use a variety of sources of information:
    • the company website and annual/periodic reports for information on the company
    • textbooks (check the Module Handbook for recommended books - the Learning Programme gives chapter details for some of the books on the list)
    • Proquest and EBSCO for newspapers and trade journal articles on your company
    • academic journal articles for theoretical material on concepts, models and frameworks used in your analysis (if needed)
    • business and specialist websites for information on corporate activity, for example on social responsibility related issues

Research notes:

Research notes should support information provided in the presentation and demonstrate the broad research you have conducted using independent sources of information. In other words, the notes provide the substance of your presentation as well the background information and show how you used your research to reach appropriate conclusions.

  • The notes should be organised thematically and structured to mirror the presentation
  • Notes should be in short paragraphs - each paragraph should deal with one point only. You may use bullet points but if you do, make sure you provide enough detail and depth (just making lists is not enough)
  • The notes should reflect analysis - merely descriptive work will not attract high marks
  • Evaluate the information you have gathered; select the most relevant, significant or important, and current
  • Make sure your notes (and presentation) cover all topics listed: classification of the company (e.g. size, sector), values and CSR, political, legal/regulatory, socio-cultural and demographic, and technological factors in the external environment of your assigned company.
  • You must cite all your sources in the notes and list them in the Table of References
  • Make sure you understand how to use citations - if you need help, ask in the seminars or in the library
  • The Table of References must be in a correct format (any academic style is acceptable, but Harvard style is preferred) with all information provided. If you need help, ask.
  • Think about providing information in charts, tables or diagrams.
  • Label charts, tables and diagrams properly if you use them and provide the source

Reference no: EM13382824

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