Company is estimating its optimal capital structure

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A company is estimating its optimal capital structure. Now the company has a capital structure that consists of 20% debt and 80% equity, based on market values (debt to equity D/S ratio is 0.25). The risk-free rate (rRF) is 5% and the market risk premium (rM - rRF) is 6%. Currently the company's cost of equity, which is based on the CAPM, is 14% and its tax rate is 20%. Find the firm's current leveraged beta using the CAPM______

Reference no: EM131354144

What is its sustainable growth rate

Rocky Sales, Inc., has current sales of $1,170,994 and net income of $187,359. It also has a debt ratio of 43 percent and a dividend payout ratio of 56 percent. The company’s

Expected interest rate-best estimate of bonds remaining life

Lourdes Corporation's 15% coupon rate, semiannual payment, $1,000 par value bonds, which mature in 10 years, are callable 3 years from today at $1,025. They sell at a price of

Calculate time-interest-earned-times-burden-covered ratio

As the chief financial officer of Cascade Designs, Calculate Cascade's time-interest-earned ratio for next year assuming the firm raises $70 million in new debt at an interest

Debt-equity ratio-targeted weighted average cost of capital

Phil's Carvings, Inc. wants to have a weighted average cost of capital of 8.3 percent. The firm has an after tax cost of debt of 6.1 percent and a cost of equity of 12.2 perce

What coupon rate would they have to pay in order to sell

Treasury bonds paying an 7.00% coupon rate with semiannual payments currently sell at par value. What coupon rate would they have to pay in order to sell at par if they paid t

Business due to increase in interest rates

Infinity Designs, an interior design company, has experienced a drop in business due to an increase in interest rates and a corresponding slowdown in remodeling projects. To s

Piece of equipment costing and after-tax return on equipment

Darling leasign is considering the lease to Major State University of a piece of equipment costing $100,000. The period of the lease will be 8 years. The equipment will be dep

For initial public offerings of common stock

For initial public offerings of common stock, 2010 was a relatively slow year, with about $30.7 billion raised by the process. Relatively few of the 94 firms involved paid cas


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