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Ebony is a seven year old child who didnt feel well and was complaining of a sore throat. By the next morning, Ebony had a bright red tongue and a rash across her chest. Her mom took her into the clinic and the doctor there found that the disease was caused by Gram-positive cocci arranged in chains. (a) What infection does Ebony likely have? What bacteria cause this disease? (10 pts.) (b) Is this a primary infection, secondary infection, or nosocomial infection? Why? What was the reservoir for this microbe? (10 pts.) (c) Would this be classified as a communicable or a noncommunicable disease? Why? In which disease category would this disease fall: acute, chronic, subacute, or latent? Why?

Reference no: EM1390196

Determine the animals body plan

Explain three things that a paleontologist must do to plan a fossil hunting expedition so that he is likely to find evidence to reply a specific scientific question.

Understanding photosynthetic processes

Understanding photosynthetic processes can increase food yield. In Ontario, a number of fresh vegetables are grown all year in greenhouses. This allows the grower to control

Examine the data in table 4 showing the amount of dissolve

Make an observation - Based on the data in Table 4, describe the relationship between dissolved oxygen content and fish populations in the body of water. Discuss the pattern

Explain how these gender roles function within society

According to the textbook, gender is the social construct that is assigned and learned based on cultural concepts about the nature of sex differences and their place in soc

Determine the genetic map

theoretical genetic strains of a virus are used to simultaneously infect a culture of host bacteria. Of 10,000 plaques scored, the genotypes in the following table were observ

Image processing techniques

Explain the term convolution. Explain one of the image processing techniques in the spatial space for the medical imaging application.

Describe what happened to the populations over time

The peppered moth of northern England and the Gala´pagos’ Island finches are often cited as examples of evolution in action. Choosing one, describe what happened to the popula

Mangoes contain more vitamin c than oranges

You have formulated a hypothesis: "Mangoes contain more vitamin C than oranges." To test this hypothesis you measure vitamin C levels in 20 oranges and 20 mangoes from trees


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