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Explain whether you see a common thread that unites early African cultures or whether you see these cultures as very different; refer to specific examples to support your explanation. 

Reference no: EM13183022

Why did the judge rule the way he did

Facts: Read case find essential facts briefly explain in your own words.Judges:that heard the case.Legal Question or Issues: Example is there a Federal Court.Holdings: The Jud

Supreme court decisions that reflect religious beliefs

Many of those arguing against gay marriage in America use Christian biblical reference as the precedent. Building upon our readings from last week, does the Supreme Court ha

Distinction between practical and theoretical knowledge

Argue for or against the principle that a just society must provide equality of opportunity for those with the interest and talent. Clarify as much as possible Aristotle's

Describe components of social-cognitive theory

Analyze one of your habits. How did you develop this habit? Were there role models for this habit? Which people influenced the adoption of this habit? Why do you continue it

Explain how the ucr can help public safety officials

Using research and data from the site and other external sources, address the following:•Explain how the UCR can help public safety officials predict crime and present crime r

Three of the most significant factors affecting family

The authors argue that race, class, and gender are three of the most significant factors affecting family life in the United States. Using specific illustrations, either opp

Explain the scope of the project

Explain the scope of the project. For example, is it designed to better the situation of an individual, a workplace, or society as a whole?Provide a preliminary assessment

What type of rocks were found in the great valley

What type of rocks were found in the Great Valley (the Cumberland/Hagerstown/ Shenandoah valleys), and what do these rocks have to do with why the Great Valley is there?


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