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Given the following information, what is the WACC? Common Stock: 1 million shares outstanding, $40 per share, $1 par value, beta = 1.3 Bonds: 10,000 bonds outstanding, $1,000 face value each, 8% annual coupon, 22 years to maturity, market price = $1,101.23 per bond Market risk premium = 8.6%, risk-free rate = 4.5%, marginal tax rate = 34% a. 13.30% b. 13.43% c. 13.48% d. 13.82% e. None of the above

Reference no: EM131346740

Issue of preferred stock has a new issue of preferred stock it calls 20/20 preferred. The stock will pay a $20 dividend per year, but the first dividend will not be paid until 20 years from

What must the coupon rate be on these bonds

DMA Corporation has bonds on the market with 20.5 years to maturity, a YTM of 8.1 percent, and a current price of $1,074. The bonds make semiannual payments and have a par val

What is its self-supporting growth rate

Maggie's Muffins, Inc., generated $4,000,000 in sales during 2013, and its year-end total assets were $3,000,000. Also, at year-end 2013, current liabilities were $1,000,000,

What is the real rate of return on this bond

A bond that pays interest annually yields a rate of return of 6.25 percent. The inflation rate for the same period is 4 percent. What is the real rate of return on this bond?

Net earnings- payout ratio-retained earnings will increase

Which one of the following is correct for a firm with $400,000 in net earnings, 50,000 shares, and a 30% payout ratio? A. Retained earnings will increase by $120,000. B. Each

Calculate the value of bond

Calculate the value of the bond shown in the following? table, assuming it pays interest annually. Par value: $500 Coupon interest rate: 7% Years to maturity: 12 Required retu

What is the bonds value

A US Industries bond has an 8 percent coupon rate and a $1,000 face value. Interest is paid semi-annually, and the bond has 20 years to maturity. If investors require a 10 per

Produced in assembly line operation are defective

Assume that 14% of the items produced in an assembly line operation are defective, but that the firm’s production manager is not aware of this situation. Assume further that t


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