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Question 1: _____ reasoning starts from specific data and tries to identify larger patterns from which to derive more general theories.





Question 2: The term used to summarize a set of phenomena is:





Question 3: The process of gathering empirical (scientific and specific) data, creating theories, and rigorously testing theories is known as:

Sociological method

Scientific method

Data collection

Theoretical reasoning

Question 4: A detailed conversation designed to obtain in-depth information about a person and his or her activities is referred to as:


In-depth discussion



Question 5: _____ reasoning starts from broad theories but proceeds to break them down into more specific and testable hypotheses.




Grand theory

Question 6: Random sampling refers to:

When a researcher chooses subjects by picking names out of the phone book

When everyone in the population of interest has an equal chance of being chosen for the study

When the sample does not represent the population because the subjects have been chosen randomly, rather than logically and systemically

When the size of the sample is chosen based on what similar studies used

Question 7: The repetition of a previous study using a different sample or population to verify or refute the original findings is referred to as:





Question 8: The idea that concepts and measurement accurately represent what they claim to represent is referred to as:





Question 9: Abstract and general standards in society that define ideal principles such as right and wrong are referred to as:


Public opinions

Religious beliefs


Question 10: _____ theorists would argue that elites use culture to gain or maintain power over other groups.



Symbolic Interactionist


Question 11: The beliefs, norms, behaviors, and products common to the members of a particular group are referred to as:





Question 12: Particular ideas that people accept as true are referred to as:


Cultural norms



Question 13: The abstract creations of human cultures, including ideas about behavior and living, are referred to as:


Nonmaterial culture

Material culture


Question 14: The contradiction between the goals of ideal culture and the practices of real culture is referred to as:

Ideal-real inconsistency

Cultural inconsistency

Cultural contradiction

Ideal-real disconnect

Question 15: Commitment to respecting cultural differences rather than submerging them into a larger, dominant culture is referred to as:


Cultural relativism



Question 16: Common rules of a culture that govern the behavior of people belonging to it are referred to as:





Reference no: EM131367495

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