Commodities as alternative investments
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1) Topic of choice: Commodities as Alternative Investments

2) Contents:


1. Commodity Performance and Diversification Benefits

2. Commodity Derivatives

2.1. Futures and Forwards

2.2. Options and Swaps

3. Other Commodity Investment Vehicles

4. Hedging of Copper Cathodes Supplies


Task 1: Produce a 15,000-20,000 word dissertation

2. The dissertation should be structured and presented as near as possible to the structure provided below in the guidelines sectionOn successful completion of this assignment you will be able to:

- Undertake independent research work

- Produce a dissertation thesis or project report

- Identify research methods for producing empirical data analysis, qualitative research outputs

- Demonstrate critical evaluation of a research proposal and appreciate the limitations of research

- Evaluate the quality of research designs when commissioning research

- Work towards and complete a successful Master level research project

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