Co-worker who refuses to fly to an educational event
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respond to 2 students(due tonight)

Respond to Peers (due Monday, Day 7): In 125 to 200 words each, respond to at least two classmates. In each response, address your classmate's questions and concerns with information from class and your own research or web search. Then, analyze your classmate's description of argument and provide additional information or share examples of the basic elements of an argument

1. After reflecting on the course material for this particular discussion, in my own words, an argument is not the same idea as a "quarrel" if you will. An argument is not attacking anyone, but offering an idea one feels will deliver acceptance of a point of view with good reasoning about a debatable subject. This is achieved with support of claim, evidence, counterargument, and rebuttal forms. One-way to look at these terms is: the main idea of an argument, the evidence supporting the idea, the viewpoint of the person who disagrees, and evidence that nullifies other evidence.

A recent argument took place last week with a co-worker who refuses to fly to an educational event due to her perception of how dangerous flying is in comparison to driving. I disagreed with her viewpoints, which created an argument. My claim was flying is not only more convenient, but safer than driving; and my evidence was the endless statistics that show deaths by plane vs. vehicle. The counterargument that took place was the number of recent plane crashes that have been reported through the media: and my rebuttal evidence was all crashes she spoke of were not only overseas, but terrorist related as well. Even though all four forms were effective she was still left unconvinced.

I enjoyed learning about each argumentative writing style, and I do not have any questions or confusions regarding rhetoric, argument, and the Classic/Rogerian styles.

2. To me, an argument is when two or more people are engaged in a non-violent discussion, where both parties are trying to prove a point. In a personal argument, I tend to argue with my emotions which leads to frustrations. The most recent argument I had was a work. I work with a bunch of high school kids. We were talking about bullying and how it affects people both physically and mentally. (claim)Another adult coworker and myself were trying to explain to them that bullying can lead to suicide and possibly bodily harm to them as well. But of course, kids being kids, they didn't see it that way.

(counterargument)They feel that if you fight with a kid, he/she will just take the loss and move on, that he/she will just get over the fact that they were humiliated in front of a large number of other kids. (evidence)My argument to them was that studies show that being humiliated can cause kids to lose self confidence within themselves and that's something we wouldn't want. The kids being bullied will feel as if they are different, unpopular and alone. I also let them know that kids only bully to fit in with a crowd or to make them feel as if they have a sense of power.

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