Co-morbidity of post-traumatic stress disorder

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Do you believe that co-morbidity of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use disorder (SUD) result in higher rates of homelessness for veterans and non-veterans?

Reference no: EM1356977

Role of teachers in character development of students

Teachers must be involved in character development of students; Parents play little part in discussion until teacher or. Address present church/state debate as part of discu

What are the characteristics of the program

Select a prison special offender population and research a program aimed to assist or care for that population. What are the characteristics of the program? How has the progra

Collection and utilization of criminal evidence

Identify a topic related to one of the four general types of criminal evidence - develop a topic outline with at least two tiers. Tier 1 of the outline will need to include th

Explain where you fall on each of the fivedimensions

Describe how social learning theory played an influence in your own personality development. Identify whose behavior you modeled and provide specific details to describe th

Study strategy effectively to self-regulate their learning

Of someone using the ABC Brainstorming study strategy effectively to self-regulate their learning(i.e. what they know about task at hand, their final goals for the task, their

Organization of ideas

Follow the links found in the Readings or Activities folder to learn about the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Then search online for 2 more good sources of information about this

Explain the disparate nature of class

The structural functionalist. The symbolic interactionist. And the conflict perspectives. Take each of these three perspectives, in your own words. And explain the disparate

Managing web and database technology

What is the relational data model? What are the key elements of the relational model? How can we use examples to describe Relational Data structure, relational keys, composi


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