Circular flow model of a simple economy with roles of firms

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Draw the Circular Flow Model of a simple economy with the roles of firms, Households, Government and a foreign sector. In addition, identify the factor and product markets in this economy.

A) Identify in the diagram the flows for all injections and leakages in a typical year.

B) Discuss the economic functions of the players and the markets in your diagram. Explain the "Leakage" equation!

Reference no: EM13692611

What is the equilibrium wage

What is the equilibrium wage? What is the equilibrium quantity of workers employed? How many workers does each firm employ - What should be the price at which firm B sells its

Economists occasionally speak of helicopter money

Economists occasionally speak of “helicopter money” as a short-hand approach to explaining increases in the money supply. Suppose the Governor of the Fed flies over the countr

Explain key factors that addressed future health care worker

Health care organizations are facing many challenges from various regulatory and government agencies. For insight, to the challenges of health care reform, view the video "C

Neutral policy responses to an adverse supply shock

What differentiates accommodating, extinguishing, and neutral policy responses to an adverse supply shock? What happens to the rate of inflation and the output ratio in each o

Organization in concept and practice

In some ways monitoring is easier in a partnership than a corporation, where shareholders monitor directors. In what ways is monitoring easier? In what ways is it not?

Suitable interest rate

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In which country is the cost of additional footballs general

Two countries, Sportsland and Foodland, have similar total quantities of labor, capital, and natural resources. Both can produce two goods, figs and footballs. Sportsland’s re

Fiscal policy to fight against recession-rising unemployment

Suppose that U.S. government actively uses the fiscal policy to fight against recession and rising unemployment. To incorporate this behavior of government into the model, let


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