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The first two years of life are critical stages for a child's growth and development. Any damage caused by nutritional deficiencies during this period could lead to impaired cognitive development, compromised educational achievement and low economic productivity. Poor breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices, together with high rates of morbidity from infectious diseases are the prime proximate causes of malnutrition in the first two years of life. Breastfeeding confers both short-term and long-term benefits to the child. It reduces
infections and mortality among infants, improves mental and motor development, and protects against obesity and metabolic diseases later in the life course. 

Table of contents 





 Chapter one: introduction 

1.1 background information 

1.2 problem statement 

1.3 study justification 

1.4 syudy aim

 1.5 study purpose

 1.6 main objective

 1.7 sub-objectives

 1.8 study hypothesis


Chapter two: literature review

 2.1 overview of malnutrition

 2.1.1 global malnutrition status in children

 2.1.2 the double burden of malnutrition

 2.1.3 causes of malnutrition

 2.1.4 nutrition status of children under five in kenya

 2.2 infant feeding practices

 2.2.1 breastfeeding practices

 2.2.2 complementary feeding prac tices

 2.2.3 challenges in infant feeding practices

 2.3 choice of indicators of nutrition status


Chapter three: study methodology

 3.1 study setting

 3.2 study design

 3.3 study population

 3.4 sample size determination

 3.5 sampling frame

 3.6 sampling procedure

 3.7 pretesting of tools

 3.8 training of field staff

 3.9 ethical consideration

 3.10 data collection procedure

 3.10.1 tools

 3.10.2 description of procedures

 3.11 data analysis

 3.12 data quality control


Chapter four: results

4.1 demographic and socio-economic characteristics

4.2 water, asnitation and hygiene

4.1.1 general household characteristics 

4.2.1 water sources 

4.2.2 water treatment 

4.2.3 general sanitation features 

4.2.4 types of toilet facilities 

4.2.5 alternatives to toilets 

4.3 morbidity 

4.4 child information 

4.5 feeding practices 

4.4.1 distribution by sex and age 

4.5.1 breastfeeding practices 

4.5.2 complementary feeding practices exclusive breastfeeding initiation of breastfeeding breastfeeding continuation reasons for not breastfeeding continuously introduction of complementary foods frequency of complementary feeding types of complementary foods in terms of Food groups 

4.6 nutritional status 

4.7 association between nutritional status and other 

4.6.1 stunting

 4.6.2 underweight 

4.6.3 wasting 


Chapter five: discusions 

6.Chapter six: conclusion and recommendations 

6.1 conclusion 

6.2 recommendations 

List of references 


1. Questionnaire 

2. Implementation plan  

Reference no: EM131095202

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